Hello world!

Well we arrived safely in Belize on Thursday afternoon to the quaint Belize City airport. Securing transportation went swiftly – now packing everyone and their luggage into the van – well, not so much! Let’s just say that we will know each other really well by the 23rd!

I am excited to watch the students experience Belize for the first time. Some of them have never flown before – but even they have been troopers.

Belize offers an opportunity to observe very distinct cultures who have carved out their own sections of Belize, while merging aspects of their cultures with those of the other groups. We will have the opportunity to interact with the Kopan Maya, the Garianagu (plural for the Garifuna), the Mestizo, and the Creole populations. Maybe we will get a chance to have some one-to-one contact  with other groups of Maya! (we had a surprise and were able to meet and study under a Yucatecan Maya who is a master garderner and healer. He actually plucked some leaves off a tree that are useful in managing arthritic conditions – yeah my knee was killing me after a misstep at Maya site! I am still looking for an open flame to try it! No, hubby, I won’t burn Belize down!)

The Culprit…
…the cure

The point that I am most excited about is that though our first lodging experience was definitely a “touristy” one – for the remainder of our stay, the students will have the chance to interact with the citizens of Belize. Belize provides a wonderful opportunity to explore Social and Health Issues, Art, Literature, Music, Geography, Culture, Archaeology, Linguistics, Architecture, Urban Development, Reforestation and so many more.

Well, follow us every day – some one else will blog daily

Here we go!

Dr. Davis-Maye


2 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Today was a beautiful day for an adventure. We went to Cahal Prch site, there we saw many interesting things that ancient natives built. We also went to Xunantunich site and explored the area. Throughout this trip I have learned many things that will be helpful to my paper. Also I was invited to a party by a University of Belize, but I am here to study culture not biology..haha.

  2. Needless to say I did not go to the party. On a more serious note this trip has been a real eye openning experance that I would not change for the world

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