Hi, we’re here!

It was a long day of travel from Montgomery to Belize but it was worth the trip. After landing in Belize City the 15 of us squeezed into a 15 passenger van with all our luggage (glad I packed light!) and proceeded to drive 2 1/2 hours to our hotel in San Ignacio. Along the way we saw lots of fruit stands full of mangoes, bananas, coconuts as well as lots of horses, goats, and cattle. The group’s mood was light and we were all excited to be in a new country. It was well worth the trip because our hotel was great – there were two pools and we slept in cabanas overlooking the city. Also? There were fresh coconuts for us!

enjoying some fresh coconut water

And one the pool had a Pteranodon, so that was nice.

there is a pteronodan guarding the pool

And the food was pretty good too. This is what the pineapple chicken looks like!

pineapple chicken done right

these pictures were taken outside our cabana

— Gillian Martiny


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