Adventure! (Dangriga to Belmopan)

May 14 2012

We started the day by packing up in Dangriga and then got on track to Belmopan. It was great to be on the road again! It was a beautiful sunny day.  Packing has been getting harder because people are picking up souvenirs along the stops and wet clothes are pretty hard to fold.

En route to Belmopan, we stopped along the way at Marie Sharps hot sauce factory where we observed the bottling and packing process of hot sauce. Everyone was pretty excited to taste the different sauces. Marie Sharp offers jams and packaged foods in addition to her internationally recognized hot sauce.

After Marie Sharp’s, we then stopped at THE BLUE HOLE! It was so great because I was two ticks from car sick. The roads are crazy bumpy in Belize, crosswalks everywhere not lined, bags were everywhere in the van, and the only air that got to the back was pre-breathed by 14 other individuals.  The Blue Hole was amazing. This country is so alive, everything is moving. I can understand why the ancient Maya found gods in all of nature.

I am studying ethnomedicine during this study and the diversity in flora and fauna is truly staggering. Mr. Narciso, who took us on our tour of El Pilar, explained major plants and I have been able to find them at every stop and have been able to treat numerous insect wounds and general scrapes.

Another 12 miles or so driving and we arrived at the Bull Frog Inn.  It was wonderful to shower, wash the clothes that were starting to smell like mildew, and have a hot meal.

Loving this country,

Rachel Reader


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