Day 2 “Culture Shock”

Wow! Today was our first experience to engage the students. We had the pleasure of teaching 34 students and experience many different personalities.  Our curriculum for the day consisted of an introduction to our educational agenda and really just learning as much as possible about the children and their culture so that we can better meet their needs.

Breanna began the day with an “ice-braker” activity that allowed us to get to know our students better.  We followed that up with hours of activities that included fitness testing (i.e. discussing body composition, performing curl-ups & push-ups), sport skills and fun games.  We are looking forward to the following days and building on what we started today.

As for our living arrangements, we are attempting to experience the lifestyle that the Belizian people experience.  We have been exposed to different types of food which has been wonderful!

More to follow as I am about to head home and put on at least 10 layers of aloe!

By the way, check out the attached session video to give you a glimpse of what we are experiencing.


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