Almost over….

While the land, the sea, and the wildlife of Belize are phenomenal, what continues to awe me is the people – their love for Belize, their open hearts and even their calm natures in the face of distressing situations are the characteristics that have connected me to a place that is not my home.IMG_0954

This last 10 days have helped me move closer to the patient spirit I desire, and has helped me to be even more watchful of the ways in which adults may participate in the microassaults on children, albeit unwittingly.


These last 10 days have also helped me to reconsider how we model and offer unadulterated, unconditional love for children who have not always received it and for whom believing in self is unfathomable.


There is so much work to be done, both at home and abroad, to create loving, uplifiting spaces for all of our children…so much to learn, still…

Dr. Davis-Maye


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